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Is Maldives A Good Place For A Family Holiday?

Many people dream of a beachside vacation in the Maldives. This archipelago country is made of a chain of 1192 islands Southwest of Sri Lanka and India. People often go here for scuba diving and to enjoy natural luxury.

The Maldives are a popular family destination due to their stunning views of sunsets across the Indian Ocean, Maldivian cuisine which is especially good for lactose-intolerance sufferers, and abundance of water activities.

According to CNN, the small group of islands received 555,494 visitors in 2020. However, if you plan ahead and book your trip months in advance, you may get a good deal on one of the amazing resort options.

Since the Maldives are becoming more and more popular, many potential tourists have a number of questions about how to prepare for a trip there. Let’s take a look at how a vacation in the Maldives may be a good option for families. Hopefully, you will walk away feeling more knowledgeable about planning a trip with your family to these islands.

Are Kids Allowed In The Maldives?

Yes! Parents can rest assured that their children are indeed allowed in the Maldives. The Maldives is a family-friendly destination. The Maldivian government strongly encourages travel to the country, and the Maldives welcomes foreigners of all ages with open arms.

In order to encourage more travel, the tourism minister Dr. Abdulla Mausoom continues to promote the “3V Programme” that stands for Visit, Vaccinate, Vacation Program.

However, one should be aware that minors under the age of 16 must have permission from at least one parent to go on vacation in Maldives. Also, children under 8 years old cannot stay in Maldives without supervision by an adult aged 18 years or older.

Some water villas will allow you to bring a five-year-old child if you agree to sign a waiver. Always check with your specific resort in regards to their policy on young children. This is a safety precaution, as it is quite easy to fall in the water.

What Are Some Maldives Activities That Kids Can Enjoy?

Almost all Maldivian resorts offer different kinds of activities that kids will enjoy such as:

  • Boating and Sailing
  • Underwater excursions like snorkeling
  • Fishing
  • Island Hopping on Cruises
  • Diving
  • Dolphin watching
  • Outdoor cinema
  • Kids Clubs
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Crab hunting

And several more…..

The largest kids’ club in the Maldives, The Den, is located on the island of Soneva Fushi.

If your child is not a good swimmer – don’t worry. Many islands have shallow calm waters by the beach where your children can splash around without worry of going underwater.

Can Children Stay in a Water Villa in the Maldives?

Many resorts allow children of all ages to stay in water villas with their parents. In addition, Maldives offers great deals on kids’ activities such as snorkeling tours, glass bottom boat tours, and water sports rentals.

You can find various Maldivian resorts and villas that offer free or discounted rates for children up to 12 years old when accompanied by two adults per one child. One such resort, Sun Aqua Vilu Reef, allows up to 2 children to stay, eat, and play for free.

The Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa even has a waterpark for kids ( and adults of course) to enjoy. Kids here can also eat from their special children’s menu and socialize at their very own Hearts Kids Club.

Are There Childcare Programs Available in Maldives?

To make your trip even more enjoyable and relaxing, most Maldivian luxury resorts offer childcare services. This is offered for free in certain age groups, smaller children like 1 to 5 years old are chargeable subject to each hotel’s child policies. Feel free to take a nap or enjoy the extreme water sport options while someone else keeps an eye on the little ones. The fees for babysitting services can vary depending on the resort.

Rest assured, you have professional child care available in case you and your partner want to slip away for a private adult date for the evening.

Can Babies Go to the Maldives?

It is safe to bring babies to the Maldives. Many resorts are equipped with children’s play areas that include cushions, mats, toys and other amenities for their safety.

Play it safe, call ahead so you know exactly what baby services and items your resort has available so you know what to pack. Since the Maldives can get very hot, make sure you keep the baby properly hydrated. Be prepared to protect the baby from mosquitoes. Bring insect repellent and use netting over the crib/bed.

Based on the accounts of several parents that have travelled to these islands, Maldivians love kids – especially babies. From the airport crew to restaurant staff, you will most likely have several people that are willing to help or at least be friendly to your baby.

Can I go to Maldives if I am pregnant?

The Maldives is safe for pregnant women as long as appropriate precautions are taken. The sea around Maldives is shallow and warm so it’s not dangerous to snorkel or swim on your own. However, we don’t recommend that pregnant women dive without first consulting their doctor.

Since the Maldives are a series of islands, most transportation is done by seaplanes, and speed boats. Sea plane operates from 6:00 AM – 4 – 6:00 PM depending on your hotel location. If you will be arriving in Maldives later than that you might have to stay in a hotel in the city and just take the sea plane the next day if the hotel doesn’t have any other transfer options available. A potentially bumpy sea ride may not be ideal if you are heavily pregnant.

Be aware of breathing in the fogging smoke many resorts use for pest control. In case of nausea, you have plenty of coconut water/juice to drink. According to Medical News, coconut water is great for hydration ( Maldives is hot) and upset stomach.

What Are the Best Family Resorts in Maldives?

Your family won’t be at a loss for good places to stay in the Maldives. There are several Maldivian resorts to choose from for family holidays. Here are some of the best Maldivian resorts that provide facilities for children:

Which Family Resorts in Maldives Are Romantic?

Maldivian resorts are not just perfect for children but also provide amenities that will make your memories more romantic and unforgettable.

The area has several water villas that you can rent out to enjoy privacy. There are numerous 4 star resorts on various islands where you can choose from luxurious rooms with all modern facilities. The beach villas at Maldivian resorts have private pools too. Here is a personal list of our top 5 romantic resorts in Maldives, this is in no particular order.

Utilize resort child care services so you and your partner can create a romantic moment regardless of what part of the islands you are on.

Are there any adult only options at family resorts?

A Maldivian resort is the right place for you if you want to have a romantic honeymoon in Maldives with your spouse. They provide awesome facilities, extensive menus and dedicated services to make every moment memorable. Here are some of our Adult Only resorts,

If you are travelling with children, Maldivian resorts are one of the finest places to enjoy quality time with (or away from) them on the beach, snorkeling or diving among fish by day. These hotels serve fine food and beverages so that families can spend time together exploring different activities available at Maldivian islands.

However, once night comes, couples have opportunities to do their own thing. The resorts have an awesome sunset view, special romantic dinners and private villas for honeymooners. As mentioned earlier, many resorts offer babysitting services so it is possible to go on a date with your spouse without the children.

Some of them have night clubs with DJs who play music. Therefore, it is possible to enjoy The Maldives night with your partner while the kids sleep in their rooms.

While the Maldives are a Muslim country, resorts have several facilities, mini bars and restaurants that serve alcohol. Feel free to celebrate during the day or spend time with your spouse at night without worrying about anyone else.

Is Maldives Good for Teenagers?

Teenagers may be picky but they can also have fun in the Maldives. There are enough activities so that your teenager won’t miss their iPad or smartphone too much. The islands have both indoor and outdoor activities for teenagers to engage in.

At many resorts, you will have access to areas where you can let your teens hang out with other Maldives teens while you relax at the resort restaurant or bar.

Is there any Wi-Fi or TV in the islands in case my kids or teens start to get bored?

All Maldives islands have internet connection. The islands themselves don’t have the fastest connection speeds. However, even your remote resorts often offer free WIFI for guests.

You can also consider purchasing Pocket WIFI for portable internet. You can buy a sim card choosing between two telecom operators upon arrival at the airport, both providers Ooredoo Maldives and Dhiraagu provide e-sim as well for your convenience. Maldivian TV is only available in most resorts and comes from India or Sri Lanka.

Can minors go to Maldives without a Parent or Guardian?

The Maldivian government prohibits Maldives visitors under 18 years old to stay inside Maldives resorts without parents or legal guardians.

As per Maldives governmental regulations, all members of the group must enter Maldives at the same time and depart from Maldives at the same time as well.

In case there is a problem with one person in a family/party/group, none of them will be permitted into the Maldives.

Will my aging parents or grandparents enjoy this trip?

If you are looking for a place to take your mother and father on a vacation, these islands may suit them nicely. You may also want to bring the grandparents as well. Older relatives may enjoy the relaxing beach time or luxurious rooms.

Maldives is one of the safest places in the world to go on holiday. And you don’t have to worry about your grandparents getting lost – everything in Maldives is close together and it’s easy for everyone to get around Maldives’ many islands by speedboat, seaplane or simply walking around.

One great thing about Maldives is that there are plenty of exciting things to do that visitors of all ages can enjoy. You can snorkel, scuba dive, go fishing or just relax at a resort island.

If you are worried about accessibility for parents or grandparents, rest assured that all resorts have wheelchairs available. Some Maldivian islands are better for older people than others, depending on how far apart the beaches are.

Do people speak English?

Maldivians can speak and understand fluent English well on resorts. Maldives has a literacy rate of 98.2% which is the highest in South Asia and the Indian Ocean region. Learning a few key phrases of the native language before visiting Maldives would make it easier to communicate with locals as well.

Otherwise, Maldivian resorts usually have staff that speak both Maldivian language and at least one other worldwide language like Russian or German. Who knows, depending on how long the vacation is, some of your family may be able to pick up on the Maldivian language.

Maldives Family Resorts All-Inclusive

Resorts in Maldives offer kids club (accommodation + food + entertainment included) where your little ones can make new friends and spend their time having fun somewhere safe, while you relax on the beach or do some shopping nearby.

Maldivian cuisine is delicious to many people. You’ll definitely eat very well at Maldives resorts. Most restaurants have buffet service so you can try out several different dishes before choosing your favourites. Since the Maldives are an island nation, fresh seafood is a staple of the diet.

What if I want to buy souvenirs?

Maldives has a lot of local souvenirs. Maldivian lacquer work, boat-shaped coconut dishes, starfish jewelry are but a few amazing things you’ll find here! Maldives resorts come with all the amenities you need for an unforgettable stay – shopping centers with Maldivian souvenirs are typically located right on the premises.

Maldives resorts have several modern conveniences that are world-standard, including Wi-Fi and credit card compatibility. Maldives uses Maldivian Rufiyaa as its currency, which usually follows the US dollar/euro rate closely. So you will have no problem accessing local money if you need to buy a souvenir.

How can I keep my family healthy in the Maldives?

Most resorts have a Maldivian medical team that can arrange anything from vaccinations to transfers for emergencies.

It’s not common to drink tap water here, so you’ll be drinking bottled or boiled water most of the time. Babies don’t usually require vaccination but check with your GP if you’re unsure.

Bring your entire family to the Maldives for an exotic, relaxing, fun, and romantic adventure. Who knows, you may want to make it an annual family trip.